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Post important bills, laws, etc. here and let’s talk about them.


if you are interested in reading any bill or want to keep track of its movement or amendments,want to find contact info for your representatives…watch or listen to sessions or committee meetings go to


its been my experience the most effective contact with representatives is through direct contact…if you cannot do that then make a phone call always being polite and professional…the next best is via a handwritten letter…i have found emails are often not timely read since mailboxes fill up fast so if you must write an email be sure to include the bill number and your for or against it in the subject line

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Someone posted this on AG Facebook post


I am emailing to communicate my strong support for the “Parent and Student Health Rights Act”. Please allow this bill to receive a vote on the floor to ensure that parents have the right to make important decisions regarding their children’s education, particularly when draconian or ineffective mandates are imposed by school officials. There is overwhelming evidence that students are harmed by quarantines, mandatory masking, and other developmentally and educationally inappropriate restrictions.
This bill has potential to have substantial impact on economic development as well as children’s well-being; parents who are concerned for their children’s well-being will have reason to stay in West Virginia rather than relocating to Virginia or another state that has put parents’ rights first. In addition, ending mandatory testing and quarantines, which are largely ineffective given the low chances of COVID spread in schools, will help parents who would otherwise have to take time off work or even quit their jobs to remain at home with inappropriately quarantined children.

At a time when West Virginia desperately needs to get back to normal and look to the future, supporting HB4071 will help to ensure a strong and successful future for our children and our state. Thank you for your time, consideration, and support of this important bill,


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I emailed on HB4701and will call as well.

I didn’t even realize this was going on, thank God for the Telegram group!


there are separate county forums on here as well…please drop in your respective county and say hi …i am hoping as people join we will form smaller localized networks to really get marshalls campaign on full throttle. the county groups are an excellent spot to discuss petitions, events in that county and generl county discussion


Delegate Conley introduced this one…

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short simple to the point…i like it

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what do yall think of this one…making a voter guide available on the sos site… SB 20 Text

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sb 34 introduced by senator rucker clarifies residency for purposes of voting

Anything that helps voters get and stay informed I think is a good thing. I suspect a great number of votes are cast for candidates based only on the party affiliation. I don’t think this fixes that problem, but it may help a little.


i had several bills to post earlier for discussion…didnt realize i could only post so many times before someone commented before i could post more…lol

As mentioned in telegram, two bills we’d like to see:

  • No more income tax
  • Right to recall extended to executive and county officials

i would love to see both

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I believe I’ve seen both this session.

Edit: correction, I’ve only seen one so far. The recall I saw was for county ordinances to be recalled.


Abolishing personal income tax


Have they voted on Bill 4071 yet?

Does not look like it. However, the ability to “mandate” testing, specifically for those students/staff deemed symptomatic, remains even if this passes. Enforcement on quarantining also remains for anyone with a positive test… symptomatic or not.

Parent and Student Health Rights Act
LAST ACTION: H To House Judiciary 01/20/22

Judiciary first, then to the floor.