Cabell County Discussion

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I’m here to help in the Cabell County and surrounding county effort.


roy when it comes time i may ask you to gather petitions in your area and meet me or karin so we can collect them

No problem. If you could, let me know a few days ahead of time when you want them and I’ll be sure to collect them. Do you have a rough idea of when you’ll do that? It’s quite a ways out for that part isnt it?

And do you have a list of contacts of who to meet to collect from? Thanks.

i sure will first collection date with be near end of april

Good morning, I’m of course here also…lol I am right on the edge of Mason, Cabell and Putnam County lines all within a few miles.


I’m in Lesage, in northeast part of the county.

Cabell County here. I can assist in Wayne as well as Putnam.

Would anyone be interested in working together to organize a Spring mini-tour of the surrounding counties? I’m thinking coordinated meet and greet signature gathering events.


I stacy good to see you…perhaps if you ask in those counties as well you can get that all coordinated…

I can collect up your signature sheets from around Cabell and arrange to deliver to Catherine. Just let me know as we get to the end of April when and where youd like to meet for the hand off. I’m in Lesage. It would be best to text me at 304-208-1305. Be sure to include your name in the text if we have not texted before. Thanks.