Discriminations Against Unvaccinated

Another topic to discuss experiences, news, and potential actions relating to discrimatory behaviors against folks that choose not to accept vaccination. Is this behavior illegal? It seems to have not been sufficiently tested in court yet. However denial of services, especially public services and life-saving services, should scare everyone left, right, and center. Should something be done on a state by state basis to protect this emerging minority group?

I’ll start: It has been reported that healthcare facilities in Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia have denied organ transplants for unvaccinated individuals.


imo no one should be denied health care for any reason…the way i see it that would fall under LIFE liberty and pursuit of happiness


People are being denied healthcare, if you’re not vaccinated some hospitals will not offered that patient a transplant.🥲🙏

Not only are they being denied healthcare. But here in West Virginia at some venues, people are being denied access unless they show proof of vaccination. That happened at the Grand Robinson theater here in Clarksburg back in November. I was told it was due to the County commission🥵