Food Sovereignty Discussion

If you follow independent farmers, the Amish, private memberships, and others that focus on growing food using sustainable methods, you likely know that big brother and the USDA are not fans of that behavior. The state of Maine defines a “Home Rule” in their constitution[1] that allows for local municipalities to nullify state food laws with respect to direct producer-to-consumer transactions. Food shortages are in the news with baby formula being the most recent example. Does West Virginia also need to pass a Food Sovereignty Act? Why or why not.

  1. Maine State Constitution

In my opinion, i absolutely support local entities overturning state laws at least as far as making laws LESS INTRUSIVE. And further i support overturning FEDERAL laws as well. Free market and direct to consumer sales trumps every other law or tegulation. PERIOD!


It sure would be nice to be able to get raw milk. We grew up on a dairy farm and would much rather have it raw. Let the free market decide. We also see now why all these government agencies have been arming up including the department of ag. You will not be allowed to do anything without approval from some alphabet agencie lackey

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