Instructions and Blank Petition Signature Page for Signature Gatherers

Instructions for Signature Collectors for Marshall 4 WV

Items you should have before trekking out to gather signatures:

A can-do attitude and a smile on your face.
A good demeanor. Nobody wants to open a door to a grumpy gus.
Pens. Black or blue ink only. Plenty of them where if you happen to lose one you have extra available.
Clipboard. This can be used if they want to sign right there and have no clean flat surface to print.
Signature sheets.
Cheat sheet. This will have information on Marshall’s stance on various popular subjects and help you answer any possible questions they may have.
Business cards (if available).
Pamphlet (if available).
Be sure to look presentable. No ragged clothes, vulgar images/etc. Professional and polite appearance is what we are looking for, and our only opinion that needs to be known by who you are visiting is that you are 100% voting for Marshall Wilson in 2024.

When you get up to that first door, and you are READY to receive signatures…

Be sure if there is a video camera that you make sure that your face and torso can be seen, showing your clipboard with your paperwork.
Have your cheat sheet ready, since people will want to ask questions before putting down their signature, name, birthdate, and address.
When they open the door, politely introduce yourself and that you are canvassing the area to ask people to sign a petition for Marshall Wilson to be on the 2024 ballot for Governor.
If they close the door on your face, Leave a business card on their door. (DO NOT put anything in a mailbox!).
If they are interested, be sure to state that signing doesn’t mean you are committing to voting for Marshall, just that you would like to see him on the ballot for 2024 Governor.
Ask if they are registered to vote in WV.
If they are not, see if they are interested in doing so, mention Marshall’s ideals regarding Government control and point out that he wants to change that. If possible you can help them register to vote in WV. (ACT Party would be preferred, of course).
If they are, they are of age so the age doesn’t need to be asked. They still need to fill out their complete birthdate.
If they are interested in signing, be sure to ask them to print clearly and sign their name legibly in each section, signature, printed name, birthday, street address. Leave the last two boxes BLANK.


Great advice Terri. Appreciate it!

Where do I download a “cheat sheet” on Marshall’s stance. I downloaded the signature page.

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Be sure to download the creds for the counties you are collecting in.

We’re working on the cheat sheet however you can also send them to his Facebook page while that gets gathered together



Adoption: We advocate adoption for children of parents who are either deceased or unable to provide care. We advocate efforts to improve the efficiency and to limit the cost to the government and the adoptive parents of the adoption process.

American History and Culture: Understanding our American history inspires appreciation of the sacrifices of those who preceded us to protect our liberty, government, and country. Due to its importance, we advocate increased requirements in our educational institutions on the topics of American and West Virginia history to include founding documents, civics, and historical symbols.

Education: We advocate for the authority of the parents to determine the appropriate method for educating their children to the age of majority and that the student-specific state allotment of education funds be made available to the parents to support their children within the educational setting they deem best suited for each child. In this way, the WV Constitution mandate to provide a thorough and efficient education is met.

Election Integrity: Free, fair, and clean elections are essential to preserving our government. The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right, one on which many other rights of the American people depend:
• We advocate voter ID in all circumstances, in-person voting whenever possible, and that every eligible individual is able to vote. No one’s vote should be stolen or diluted in any way.
• We advocate strict observation of the voting process to guard against voter fraud in its many forms.
• We advocate the need for all political districts to be drawn objectively, in a compact fashion, and by independent committees without any consideration of demographics other than legitimate community geography.
• We advocate expanded ballot access to allow minor parties and independent candidates equal access.
• We advocate a revision in election debate requirements so that minor party candidates are included.
• We advocate a restriction on the number of days allotted for voting.
• We advocate that mail-in voting only be allowed through the process of requested absentee ballots.

In federal presidential elections we advocate before electoral votes be counted, the Legislature needs to meet and certify the electors.

Election Reform: We believe that political parties selecting their candidates for elected office is party business which should not be funded by the taxpayer:
• We therefore advocate reforming the current election law to require political parties fund their own primary elections and/or conventions.
• We advocate that Special Election be used to only fill vacated elected positions as proscribed under current law, and that all voting for State, County, or Municipal levies, bonds, or other financial instruments must be held during general elections.

Health: We oppose government mandates for health care. We advocate for the right of individuals to bodily integrity, informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality. The government exceeds its authority when it mandates, directly or indirectly, that individuals receive medical treatments or procedures. Public and private entities, except for medical insurance companies, exceed their authority when they require personal medical information for public activities like air travel or attendance at events.

Initiative, Referendum, and Recall: We advocate the establishment of initiative, referendum, and recall for the citizens of West Virginia.

Second Amendment: We advocate for legislation prohibiting the further restrictions on firearms, ammunition, and accessories, and support legislation to repeal current laws contrary to the second amendment.

Taxes: We advocate reducing taxation to include the elimination of such taxes as wage income, personal property, real estate, inheritance, and business inventory taxes that deprive West Virginians and West Virginia businesses of their liberty and the benefits of their labor. The people should only be subject to the minimal taxes necessary to support the legitimate role of government.

Tenth Amendment: We advocate invoking the Tenth Amendment and using vigorous legal defense to counter imposition of federal legislation and legal rulings which conflict with West Virginia laws.

Term Limits: We advocate term limits.


It’s not quick, but you could watch some of Marshall’s videos on You Tube. There are some shorter ones organized by issue/concern: Watching these increased my confidence when door knocking in 2020 and helped me to answer questions.


my favorite of the videos is actually a long one taken near one of our favorite lawyers

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This one?


Or perhaps this one…


The first one in its entirety…i believe second one is an exerpt?


I’d love to see Marshall start doing more videos… I know friends who followed his youtube channel, so maybe if they see he’s active again we can get some talk going.


That is the plan, along with other things.


Just want to reiterate this bit

If they are interested, be sure to state that signing doesn’t mean you are committing to voting for Marshall, just that you would like to see him on the ballot for 2024 Governor.

Signing is not an endorsement.


does ANYONE have petitions needing to be picked up other than marshall and sue?

Sample for reference:

Typed sample: