Jefferson County - Blue Ridge Elementary - Plexiglass Barriers in Cafeterias

Blue Ridge Elementary, though the county lifted the mask mandate, have put plexiglass barriers between students in the cafeteria.

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Does your kids school have this setup?

I think this is ridiculous, but I guess they had to use their cares act money up, so they come up with this idea.

That is one of the craziest setups i have ever seen…just how is that protecting spread of germs?..from the pcs it looks like there is no barrier between the children when seated …this setup would not do its intended pupose. it would only protect the items on the table and imo not exceptionally well

Please tell me this isnt his school

while im on topic of germs…i foresee our younger generation to have an increase in immune related illnesses in the future…its good they have learned to wash their hands to cover cough/sneeze and to maintain space from others who may be ill…but they are not being exposed to many things that our natural immune system would typically fight…expect more environmental allergies?

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My son’s school doesn’t have this. Right now I’m only hearing that it is at this one school.

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i am glad he doesnt have to deal with that silliness

Two schools… BRE and Ranson Elementary.

I’ve seen a picture of similar set-up that was reported at Spring Valley High School, Wayne County.

They arrived at CW Shipley…

i hope they dont use them…i wonder what funding was used to purchase these…I still feel the dividers i saw in other pics are crazy…what are they going to do…make the children stay leaned into them…not turn head when they speak to who is next to them?..such a waste of time …and money…smh