NCSBN Nursing Policy

I get WV RN Nursing News delivered to my home. There is, on page 18, a Policy Statement dated Nov 16, 2021. Any nurse practicing in the US should be aware of it’s contents, as our licenses could be at stake. I uploaded a copy with key points highlighted.
As a nurse of 23 years, I am both appalled and saddened by what this profession, and the medical profession in general, has become.
I will NOT be silenced and I beleive in Medical Freedom!!!

glad i am no longer a practicing nurse

Thank you for sharing.
I wonder if there are any state laws we could put into place to protect the license and careers of nurses from this.

Wow, this is exactly what I just read about how censorship is enforced through opposite posturing, tied to subjective “ethics”. Can the state AG not help with this?
We all have the 1st Amendment, is that now taken away based on the narrative of agencies with a direct conflict of interest?!