Senate Bill 210 - Relating to measures Governor may make during state of emergency

Currently stalling in Government Organization, then to Judiciary committee…

Committee Members:
Senator Maynard - Chair
Senator Swope - Vice-Chair
Senator Brown
Senator Caputo
Senator Jeffries
Senator Lindsay
Senator Maroney
Senator Martin
Senator Nelson
Senator Smith
Senator Stover
Senator Sypolt
Senator Woelfel
Senator Woodrum

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This limits the state of emergency to thirty days UNLESS the Governor called legislature into special session.


Email list, just copy paste into your email. If you want to call, click their name above for their number. Or go to the legislative site.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks for posting this, I don’t know how to copy and paste it into my email. I am totally computer illiterate, and I’m using an iPhone :cry:

Click each name. Should bring up email so you can send one. Or type them all out in the to section of email if you want to send one email to them all at the same time.

I :heart: How that was marked, I did not have to keep track of everyone I just emailed. Too bad their phone numbers were not highlighted, so I can call them from that page. I just emailed every single one on that list, here’s hoping and praying they will move it.