Signature Gatherers ROLL CALL

Hope everyone is having a good start to June!! I’d like to get a roll call of those who are gathering and offering to gather signatures together to get Marshall on the ballot for 2024.

Please state your name and County/Counties that you are willing to gather signatures.

If you have sheets available for pickup, please contact Catherine Moles.

If you are uncertain on what to do, please don’t hesitate to ask/message/etc!!!

Thanks, and happy signature gathering!

I would be willing to gather signatures from wood county area just let !e know what to do i dont have a printer so i would need mailed to me at 7323 Staunton Turnpike Davisville WV 26142

We would need to have the original signature pages :+1:

i travel to ripley occasionally which is about an hour from me…would you be able to meet sometime? (not sure why this post is just now showing up for me as new i see its been almost 3 weeks…)