Statement from Marshall to the Team

Good evening, my friends.

Thank you for signing on to the campaign. If this is to happen, it will because, We, the People, made it happen. We don’t have a large, powerful party, big time donors, or a massive media presence. We are working to build each of those elements into our campaign. For example, I accept every public speaking opportunity or interview that I can so we can build a media presence. I have engaged with people from my time in DC in an attempt to raise funds. To a person, their responses have been some version of, “You’re a great guy. Prove to me that you’re a viable candidate, and we’ll help you to raise money.” To prove that our campaign is valid, we must get onto the ballot as soon as possible to get onto the ballot, we have to collect signatures.

I realize that it might seem that I have been disengaged from the campaign, but I have been and am deeply engaged in our 2022 campaign for Delegate in District 91 (south Berkeley County). Our successful bid for Delegate in '22 will help immensely as we build media presence and name recognition statewide for our campaign for Governor in '24. I have been focused on winning that campaign. While I am knocking doors to earn votes for the Delegate campaign, I have been collecting signatures for our '24 bid for Governor.

I know it seems that the '24 election is far off in the future, but there are some huge tasks we need to execute between now and then. None of them matter, in fact, most of them can’t even be initiated until we have the signatures to put us on the ballot.

Please engage, organize, execute, and win.

Catherine Moles is the statewide coordinator. She knows our methods and can teach them. We need local coordinators to assist her in leading teams. We can provide voter lists, coordination to ensure that we don’t waste effort, and validation of the signatures you collect.

Collecting petition signatures is the critical operation for this phase of the operation. We need all hands on deck. Let’s get this done and move on to winning the race.

Thank you for your time, effort, and commitment to our message.

God bless you.

Stand Fast.
I will meet you on the High Ground.