WV Constitutional Amendments 2022 General Election

Review the full text of the proposed amendments at 2022 General Constitutional Amendments - Full Text.pdf (wv.gov)

Amendment 1: Summary of Purpose: “Clarifying that courts have no authority or jurisdiction to intercede or intervene
in or interfere with impeachment proceedings of the House of Delegates or the Senate; and specifying
that a judgment rendered by the Senate following an impeachment trial is not reviewable by any court
of this state.”

Amendment 2: Summary of Purpose: “To amend the State Constitution by providing the Legislature with authority to
exempt tangible machinery and equipment personal property directly used in business activity and
tangible inventory personal property directly used in business activity and personal property tax on
motor vehicles from ad valorem property taxation by general law.”

Amendment 3: Summary of Purpose: “To authorize the incorporation of churches or religious denominations.”

Amendment 4: Summary of Purpose: “The purpose of this amendment is to clarify that the rules and policies
promulgated by the State Board of Education, are subject to legislative review, approval, amendment, or

In regards to proposed amendment #2: where does the authority currently lie to effect these changes?

Are you in favor of all of these amendments?

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Currently, this tax is written into the WV Constitution; so, only We, the People, have the authority to abolish this tax by ratifying an amendment to the WV Constitution. By supporting Amendment 2, you authorize the Legislature to abolish this tax in your name.
Personally, I would prefer an amendment to simply abolish the tax, but this amendment, at least, allows the Legislature to do so in our name.

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Based upon my understanding of the intent and potential effects of these amendments, I support each of them.

In Raleigh County we’re getting a lot of pushback on amendments 2 and 4, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. The narrative with amendment 2 is counties will lose revenue. What are your thoughts and thank you. ~Kristin

Amendment 4, where does the money come from for the education budget. Can you give me a breakdown to counter the argument that amendment 4 will take education dollars away. Thanks again ~Kristin

i would find this a difficult question to answer since appropriated educational spending comes out of the overall budget agreed upon each year through legislation… lets say the money available for the budget is identical for the next 5 years…each of those years that money can potentially be divided in numerous ways…so in theory year 1 the educational spending could be x…the folowing year it could be x+2 and the third year the money for educational spending could be x-1…my point is the budget is voted upon by all the representatives and the governor has in many cases had influence on its division…

Thank you for your response, I found out that the funding is a formula included in the state budget and thank you ~Kristin